Smooth it Out bundle is perfect if you're looking for a complete regimen!


The pack includes:


This bundle is tailored for those with oily or combination skin and texture issues.

Each product in this bundle helps with acne, scarring,  fine lines/wrinkles, rejuvenating new skin cells, and smoothing out skin texture. 


You will be on your way to a clear and smooth complexion with this regimen! 


How to Use: 

  • Remember to incorporate your scrub 2-3x/week only. (You don't want to over-exfoliate)
  • Step 1: Muddy Cleanser 
  • Step 2: Go Nuts (If it's an exfoliating day)
  • Step 3: Matcha + Mint Toner
  • Step 4: F.O.Y Serum


Smooth it Out Bundle